Center Information

Please be guided accordingly:


We expect our guests to provide for their own transportation to and from the center.


Meals are family style and are at 7:30am, 12:30pm, and 7:30pm. Snacks are available throughout the day upon request.


We allow devices, but do not provide WiFi connection.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival is 10am on the first day of the Program, with departure at 3pm of the last day.

Medical Emergencies

We have an understanding with the Global Medical Center of Bay, located 45km away.

Emergency Evacuation

All guests exit their rooms in an orderly fashion to the common area and proceed to the front docking area.


These are provided, but are to be left for use by future guests.

Sports and Recreation

Watersports, basketball, swimming pool, yoga, etc are all available.


We request that you make your bed and arrange your room. Housekeeping will sweep and mop daily, as well as wipe-down the bathrooms. Bed linens are changed weekly, towels upon request. Please keep in mind that we are an eco-aware center. With that in mind, we have provided foot scrubs, as the red mud of the Lake area is quite pervasive. Please scrub your feet so that the white sheets stay whit

Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Pressing

Please inform us if you need anything washed or ironed.

Water Supply

We have multiple sources with different ranges of pressure. We will make sure there is high pressure during morning and evenings for ease of showering. The remainder of the time is adequate pressure. The water is not drinkable as it is filtered lake water, however, you may brush your teeth with it.

Lost Property

We have very few people on the property, so if you lose something, let us know right away and we can track it down!

Maintenance Services

Please inform us immediately if anything is not working.

Power Supply

We are solar-powered with generator assistance. In this sense, being eco-aware is a priority. Use a fan when you can, but don’t be shy about using the A/C! Your comfort is our concern as well!

Room Safe & Instructions

We do not provide room safes. If you have something that you are concerned about, please bring it to us and we will put it in the Center’s safe.


We are a small site and quite isolated. A military base is kitty-corner to our property and they conduct regular patrolling of the surroundings. However, our security staff is always discreetly present. Always inform us when you go on the lake, or walk behind the property.

Smoking Area

The corner near the swimming-pool, as well as the kubo to the right of the main building, is available.

Alcohol Usage

We are not a “dry” center. However, we do encourage balance. Wine and beer, in small quantities, are available during meals and during our cocktail hour.

Udo Goebel