Program Inclusions

What is included in our Intentional Self-Care Programs?

We offer all-inclusive programs. We are not a venue or a resort. In this sense, we offer a safe environment; inclusive and discreetly personal.

The program that you attend is constructed around the admissions profile that you and your fellow participants fill out. During our face -to face admissions evaluation, we focus on your unique goals and set the foundation for expectations and outcomes. Martha’s experience as a Human Development Case Manager comes into play as she facilitates and organizes the resources necessary for a holistic approach for your particular set of therapeutic goals.

The process includes:
Evaluation and assessment
• conduct assessments or refer to appropriate health-care professionals when needed.
• evaluate overall state of health and ability to function in a real-world environment.

Aid in Family Communication
• communicate with the family and encourage community support and responsibility
• provide therapy on-site or refer to the appropriate health care professional.

Create Client Self-Care Plans
• create individualized client plans designed to help them meet specific desired life goals
• coordinate with the rest of the health team, including doctors and nurses, to establish these plans.

Design Aftercare Plans
• collaborate with the rest of the treatment team to design aftercare plans, therapist-pairing and goal setting for sustainability

Manage Client Files
• create, compile and add notes to our admissions records based on assessments and evaluations; review progress notes in client files written by other facilitators.



• 24 hr availability
• Personal boutique service
• Follow-up in the weeks after the program
• 4-6 therapeutic hours a day (informational sessions, community interaction, group therapy, individual therapy)
• Medical professionals on-call as well as weekly center visits when needed
• All-inclusive meals, beverages etc.


All our programs start at 10am on the first day, and end at 2pm on the last day.

• Full-Program (5 Days) $2,000
• Short-Program (4Days) $1,500
• Exploratory and “Weekend” Program (3 days) $1,000

Udo Goebel