We've Launched!


Many thanks to Raizalishta: The Artisanal Village for the lovely tampipis which were given out as media kits during the launch.

For our beautiful postcards, voucher cards and lovely banners, we thank Talkshirts for their great service and professionalism in taking these projects (and in such a short time too!)

Thank you Ysabel’s Daughter for the wonderful, 100% all natural and synthetics-free #wellness products you have shared with us!

Thank you OOAK Jewelry for the lovely tutubi (dragonfly) keychains that were included in the kits!

Thank you for the wonderfully nourishing and delightful food prepared for these events by Food Lab.

Thank you Optimo coffee for the healthy and delicious coffee served throughout our meetings, they kept us energized during these activities!

Thank you Rizal Re-Creation Center for the lovely dragonflies that fluttered around our venue, and last but not least, WeWork Philippines for hosting us in their beautiful space!

Thank you, everyone, for joining us at WeWork BGC and for those who tuned in online during our #launch series! You have truly made this exciting chapter more memorable with your presence and participation!

Thank you for being part of our journey and for making our launch a success!

Udo Goebel